Thursday, October 6, 2011

Batman and the Purple Peacock

I wish I could think of some crafty way to open up this blog, but alas... the words just aren't coming.  With some nudging from good friends and family, I'm going to re-attempt blogging.  Wish me luck!

Just a little info on us:  Two special little boys call me "mommy."  J, my oldest, is now 4 (however he was 3 in the first two posts).  W is 2, going on 3 in July.  J loves superheros, volcanoes, maps, books, the color orange, and his friends and family.  W loves trucks, rocks, peacocks (he was one for Halloween), purple, stop signs, and butterflies.  These lists are subject to change at any given moment!  I am their mom, a former teacher.  I love to read, run and craft.  I sometimes like to cook, and sometimes the dos and don'ts of food scare me.  The boys have the best Daddy around and I have the best hubby you'll ever meet.